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When the guys at Interscope and Blood Company approached Golden Wolf about doing a music video for Zedd’s Paper Cut, they knew it would be the perfect opportunity to try out an idea they had been toying with for a while: gathering a dream team of some of their favourite artists from around the world to create one cohesive film using a variety of styles.

After coming up with the storyline they put together a script, storyboard and animatic and then divided the shots between themselves and 10 of their favourite collaborators, Manson among them, with the only guideline being to work in black and white with a hand drawn feel.

In Grolsch‘s words: A lovely and very well-executed idea for a great song – this animated video was put together by production company Golden Wolf, who asked 10 different artists to provide their own animations to accompany the song Papercuts by Zedd and Troye Sivan. Artists including Manson, Tom Bunker and Vida Vega all contributed pieces of work, which were then put together to make one cohesive, interesting and beautiful film.

Produced and directed by Golden Wolf

Creative director Ingi Erlingsson

Art director Ewen Stenhouse

Producer Ant Baena

Contributors MansonTom BunkerHenrique BaroneSimon LeclercRobert ValleyAlex GriggVida VegaShishi YamazakiCamilo HuincaBenjy Brooke

Storyboard / Layouts Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert

Design Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert, Johan Rivet, Marilou Mao, Arthus Pilorget

Animation Maxime Delalande, Pedro Vergani, Tim Whiting, Mattias breitholtz, Marilou Mao, Sabine Pedersen, David Bell, Pierre Rutz.

The contribution by Manson was produced by Volga — January 2016