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Patat’s wonderful revelation allows Didi to discover that by means of drawing and fantasy she’s able to build a world quite different from that which had been laid out for her and she rebels against the stiffling surroundings in order to lead a genuine and fullfilling existence.

Didi goes on to explore the sensuality of nature and the misteries therein in order to find her own identity, yet elusive. A telluric attraction leads her to fish Sebastiano and during their meeting the enigma of life and its meanings arises. At once, Didi and Sebastiano shall unravel it together but later on, each of them will also solve it in their own way.

The fish Sebastiano is the confrontation of an inner world, built by Didi through fantasy and drawing with its external opposite which is beyond her grasp and comprehension.

Director Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca

Executive producer Oriol Caba

Producers Oriol Caba and Abel Garcia Roure

Screenwriters Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca and Oriol Caba

Assistant director Abel Garcia Roure

Cinematographer Diego Dussuel

Original Soundtrack Pau Guillamet a.k.a. Guillamino

Editor Arturo Bastón

Didi Judit Saula

Patat Jordi Vilches

Doctor Matamort Agnès Mateus

Sebastiano Oriol Ibáñez

and with Pau Fort, Aloixe Olabarre, Clàudia Garcia, Fina Solaz, Tuixén Benet, Margherita Bergamo, Ronan ‘Lima’ , Ignacio ‘Amoroso’.