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Poble Nou is an old industrial neighborhood of Barcelona, constantly evolving. This parking is one of the “outlaw” zones often found in Colomer’s work: deserts, but also urban zones such as abandoned roofs, investigated and reactivate in Istanbul map (2010) or Crier sur les toits (2011), or again the wastelands where Anarchitekton’s character walks, delimitating Barcelona, Brasilia or Bucharest.

As in Prohibido Cantar / No Singing this “suspended” space, where a urban macro-project never took place, is used by the characters in an unexpected way. Cars temporarily parked – for a visit at the beach – or the mourning group passing by with a coffin, escape from any official planning. Here is mentioned only what “occurs”, and we benefit from witnessing a fortuitous encounter, a moment where several affairs should match. A young Russian couple on holidays, who just landed, and the neighbors’ accidental and ephemeral passage. As any fortuitous meeting, this one takes a Buñuel absurd appearance and is broadcasted by Yulia and Andrei’s improvised commentaries, which are translated in the installation in several languages.

Director Jordi Colomer

Producer Oriol Caba

Cinematographer Marcell Erdélyi

2nd Unit Operator Pau Castejón

Assistants Camera Francesc Olivé, Gaizko Fanarraga, Deirdre Canle, Marc Mitjà

Live Sound Recording Gautam K. Choudhury

Assistants Sound Recording Alex Silva, Adrià Martí

Editor Adolf Alcanyiz

Still Photography Marc Viaplana

Direction Assistant Albert Kuhn

Media Manager Tomás Muñoz

Asistant Production Agnès Mateus

Aux. Production Irene Milla, Carles Fígols, Víctor Ruiz Colomer, Sofía Zambrano

With Ardrey Polunin and Yulia Taniushina. 

Neighbors Adrian Caroll, Alba Vinent Ruiz,Antonio Saavedra, Antonio Vinent Fayas, Araceli Santos, Arturo Gonzalo, Bianca Clixas Richard, Catalina Bolea García, Charles Hanks, Elisabeth Albarracin Roberts, Enrique Cases Castellanos, Eva Erga,Gabriel Martin, Gillian Roberts,Gloria Jean Aixas, Jessica Torné, Joan Cervera , Joan Peña, Joaquina Ferrer Lucas, José Bello Cordero, José María Gallardo, José Maria Gómez, Josep Platas, Judit Soler Lozano, Karen Gómez, Karoline Monika Erga, Luis Fernández, Mª Àngels Lozano Gibert, Marc Colinas, María Antonia Bruña, Miracle Rodríguez Reig, Mónica Eua Romero, Montserrat Marco, Nacho Martínez, Núria Armengou, Nuria, Tomás Rosel, Oscar Díaz Bruño, Román Castelló, Teresa Sánchez H, Víctor Pozo.