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Figure with landscape is the portrait of Useu, a village of the catalan Pyrenees which is still alive thanks to Amado, its last inhabitant. Following the steps of this seventy five years old countryman we look at his special relationship with the environment and his particular notion of time. While portraiting Amado we portrait Useu aswell.

In the midle of the ancient world and the present time, Amado decided to remain in the village; separately from the modern society but in a full relationship with nature.

The main theme of the documentary is the claiming for a human being as a part of the natural environment, more than as a member of a social community. The look is focused on the relationship between Amado and the nature and the landscape and on his reflexions about the concepts of time and space, through which our main character develops his critics on the man of the present days and the contemporary life.

Through Figure with landscape we observe the fight and perseverance of Amado to avoid the abandon of the village and the extinction of his way of life and values from which the contemporary urban societies are more and more far away every day.

Year 2010
Type Documentary – Television
Genre Documentary
Runtime 54′

Main Cast Amado Borja Capdevilla
Executive producer Oriol Caba
Director Jesus M. Palacios
Screenplay Jesus M. Palacios, Héctor Guillermo Ruibal
Director of Photography Héctor Guillermo Ruibal
Film Editing Jesus M. Palacios , Héctor Guillermo Ruibal
Sound Héctor Guillermo Ruibal
Assistant Director Héctor Guillermo Ruibal , Mario Osorio