CaboSanRoque was created in 2001, taking its name from an old ocean liner. Today, this group with a changing line-up, consists of Laia Torrents (born Vic, 1976), an industrial engineer, and Roger Aixut (born Barcelona, 1975), an architect, who left the industry to devote himself fully to CaboSanRoque.

Bridging the gap between a rock group, plastic artists and performers, CaboSanRoque blow a hole right through the middle of categories with their devices: matter and waves, musical machines and instruments that make noise, serial objects that become unique in their mechanical-sonic collages.

Over its fourteen-year history, it has of created a heterogeneous population of 3 musical machines that travel from one stage to another, and they have worked with renowned names on the music, popular and experimental scene, and in the stage and plastic arts.