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Covergirl is comprised of various members of Peepholes, Wetdog and Trash Kit that aim for the tribal gut of disco and let it hang on stakes on the steps of post-punk’s ruins. «Paris Burns» rides a vacuous fuzz-drone for a better part of the duration, but it’s the dancey percussion breakdown at the 1:30 mark that propels Covergirl’s single into single-worthy terrains. The girls chant in the distant, while a militant guy-lead declares ‘and there’s nothing wrong with you anyway / And there’s nothing wrong with me anyway.’

Covergirl’s Paris Burns 7″ in on Captured Tracks.

Director Lessa Millet

DoP Tom Schopler

2nd Camera Sonia Ostrovsky

Costumes Hayden Dunham

Art Mar Urrestarazu

PA Meriem Bennani

Editor Pato Martinez

Lost Cat Girl Patricia Yagüe

White Noise Boy Antonio Santini

The Witch Hayden Dunham

The Scrubber Sarah Datblygu

Siamese Twins Leslie and Laura

Tandem Girls Martina de Alba and Sonia Ostrovsky