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‘Hiperasia’ is the new album by El Guincho and a film by Manson.

SCREENING at Zumzeig Cinema TODAY!

The film is an animated visual journey through El Guincho’s Hiperasia through the eyes of Thomas Peña. The movie does not illustrate thirteen songs but works as a symbolic biopic in connection with musical mechanisms and emotions contained in the album.

Hiperasia is released by La Editorial de Canada and Everlasting Records. Volga produced the film.

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Isaki Lacuesta will represent Catalonia at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale with architects Jaume Prat, Jelena Prokopljević.

Aftermath_conseqüències creates a dialogue between the languages of architecture and cinema and aims to unify the two disciplines in an installation that will create cross-narratives of the selected projects through visual, aural, material or conceptual connections. The theme of the project focuses on exploration of the relationship between Catalan architecture works throughout the entire region, finished and functioning within their surroundings, their relationship with the public space, the landscape, the city, and local art and culture. Catalonia’s participation at the Architecture Biennale in Venice is driven by the Institut Ramon Llull with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Planning and Sustainability.

In his presentation of the project, Jaume Prat explained that it is based on the idea that “architecture begins when architects go to work and the life of the building begins. There different landscapes converge: urban, human, social, etc.” Among the buildings that are displayed are the Hospital Transfronterer de la Cerdanya by Brullet-Pineda Arquitectes; the Center for food distribution SDA in Campclar, Tarragona, by NUA Arquitectes; the environmental rehabilitation of the banks of the River Llobregat, Batlle and Roig; and the Theatre Atlàntida de Vic by Josep Llinàs, Josep Llobet, Pedro Ayesta and Laia Vives.

Jelena Prokopljević and Isaki Lacuesta explained that in all cases the works shown will be “inhabited” and the reviews of people who use these buildings will be presented in screenings of several materials such as glass that play with transparency, encouraging them to be “passable.” The exhibition includes informative panels that will be placed on the floor and a web-doc that will be available as part of the visit.

The director of the Institut Ramon Llull, Àlex Susanna, said that “the bar is very high for 2016” thanks to the strong reception of previous projects, but he is convinced that “with this project we aspire to a similar impact.”

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Agustí Villaronga will premiere El rey de la Havana in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Festival 2015.

Agustí Villaronga adapts the novel of the same name by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. Recently escaped from reformatory, young Reinaldo takes to the streets of Havana in the harsh 90s of the Cuban “special period”. A scoundrel with few scruples faced with getting by every day. Starring Maykol David, Yordanka Ariosa and Hector Medina.

Molt d’anys Agustí!

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We were intensely involved in the exhibition «La Cobla Patafísica» —The ‘Pataphysics Band—, a show produced by Volga for the Arts Santa Mònica featuring all the instruments built by Cabo San Roque over the last 15 years. Oriol Caba was the executive producer of the exhibition and Inga Knölke shot the pictures for the catalogue and the show itself.

The exhibition included a series of live music performances by Cabo San Roque and guests: 12 Rounds by Cabo San Roque (opening night); El run-run del nyigo-nyigo by CSR and Pierre BastienMaquinofòbiapianolera by CSR and Carles SantosLlamps i Truna by CSR and TrunaEl run-run del nyigo-nyigo by CSR and Pascal Comelade; and the Mechanical concert by Cabo San Roque (closing show).

Working with Roger Aixut and Laia Torrents has been an incredible pleasure, not only because they are amazing people full of intelligence and sensitivity or because they are also talented artists strongly committed to their work, but because the extraordinary exhibition we achieved through their vision and work.

Hope we have the chance to work together again very soon!

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Not To Scale is now representing and producing Manson for the international market.

Not To Scale is an established production and animation studio working directly with agencies, channels, and brands to thoroughly concept, produce, and deliver talked about creative content that is easily integrated across all media platforms. Founded in London in 2005, the creative company also has offices in Amsterdam and New York City, from which an international roster of multi-disciplined filmmakers build strong working relationships with clients, always placing impeccable craft and the latest digital animation techniques at the forefront.

Manson is very happy to partner with such amazing team and excited with the idea of working together.

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At the end of a weird year of thinking a lot, talking too much and not doing enough, we meet Anna.
This beautiful beast is getting ready to move forward and have lots of fun with all of you.
So, friends, get ready too for this next year 2015: put your colours on and let’s have some action!

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We’ve just seen «Cerca», the new series of ads directed by Isaki Lacuesta for Banco Sabadell with Rafa Nadal and John Carlin.

The spots are produced by our good friends in Sofa Experience for *S,C,P,F…

A brilliant campaign beautifully executed. Congrats!

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Manson just released Purplelizer, a new iOS App for slowing down your favourite songs on the go. Check it out in the App Store!

It’s already been proven that slowing down songs can turn the most superficial pop into a saintlike transcendent hymn. Just listen to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” slowed down 800 times and you can basically hear the sound of life being made.

Chopped and screwed is a technique present in hip-hop since the early 90s, which harnesses the healing power of slowing shit down. Originating with the late DJ Screw, the technique basically involves slowing down percussive samples, sometimes to half the pace, which is why it’s sometimes also called “slowed and throwed”. It’s a style that, by the late 90s, had come to be characterised by its proponents love of purple drank. Indeed many of the key-figures in the scene, including Screw himself, have struggled with codeine addiction.

Purplelizer is a new app that seeks to honour the legacy of DJ screw and others in the chopped and screwed community, as well as recognising it’s resurgence through trap and rappers like A$AP Rocky. The app, which comes with a witty testimonials video, lets you slow down your favourite songs to enjoy a whole new dimension of the sound. From The Beach Boys to Robin Schulz, haven’t you wondered what music outside of hip-hop would sound like at a wheezing pace? *

This is what FACT Magazine says about and this is Dan Wilkinson from Noisey interviewing Tomás Peña about Purplelizer.

App Store / Twitter / Facebook

* Writing from Dan Wilkinson’s interview

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Three weeks ago we —Agnès, Iván, Adrià, Oriol and Manson, Tomás & Pau— went to Granada, the hometown of the Grupo de Expertos Solynieve, to find the mood and a young Sharkey ready to show us how to walk the first step. We drove around, we arrived to Almería, went to El Puche and yeah… Suddenly it’s Sharkey’s day. It’s Sharkey’s day today. Just is not Sharkey but Juanillo, like fifty years younger or so, who wakes up and says: I turn around, it’s fear. I turn around again and it’s love. Oh yeah. Strange dreams. He took an old moped and left, ready to dance the Fandango de la libertad.

Juanillo became irresponsible, free and glorious just because everyday’s boredom made no sense to him anymore. He was ready to feel, and there he was, riding through the nature, dancing under the full moon.

We followed him for a while, then he jumped a fence and get into a vessel. And we know nothing else but that he’s dancing somewhere in the night. Thanks Vainilla to gave us the chance to dance the Fandango with him, although it was just to tie.

So long Juanillo.

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Dear friends, we are very glad to open the blinds of Volga today, a brand new production company with amazing directors, photographers and a vast network of professional resources.

This is an exciting day for us, we want to go many places, meet lots of people and produce some significant and memorable stuff with this structure. Though we know we’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before, we start this new adventure to change things for better and we think of this as something new.

You’re invited to join us.


Qui no té por

Qui no té por i estima a la vegada
la mar i el vent, es va fent gran així:
nedant sempre en perill damunt la cresta de l’onada.
Només d’un llamp en closa nit podrà morir.

Joan Vinyoli

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When I was young
I was so gay and mean,
And I drank and chased the girls
Just like young St.Augustine.
Saint Augustine,
He got to be a saint.
So, if I get to be one, also,
Please. Mama, don’t you faint.

The Fourteenth Calypso of Bokonon