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Martí Guixé redesigns the Camper store on Francs Bourgeois, introducing a new store concept called Camper Set Shop. By applying a simple and well-known audiovisual technique normally used in the film-making industry, called chroma key compositing, Guixé creates two stores in one. The real one, created by way of interior decorating, and the virtual one, in which an artificial reality is created that is visible from the outside.

Guixé explains: «The real store is arranged like a stage where all the irrelevant interior architectural elements are visually removed by applying blue paint, so that the logos, products and people appear as the visible parts in the virtual store. If we project a video of a background consisting of the sky, a marine backdrop or the Niagara Falls upon the chromatic screen, then we can create a sense of artificiality. In this way, nature is introduced as an artificial element of the architecture in a totally different way from the usual, causing a visual paradox that compares the real world and the virtual world, aesthetically polarising both – the real world being brutal and mechanical and the virtual world appearing as beautiful and ideal.»

It was from collaboration between Martí Guixé and Camper that the ‘Postcard Shop’, ‘Info-Shops’ and ‘Walk in Progress’ came forth, some of the most important and innovative concepts of the Camper Together project. Vital and expressive spaces, where the message is the design and vice versa.

The Camper Set Shop is located on 9 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris.

Client Camper

Creative director and designer Martí Guixé

Production Volga

Photography Inga Knölke