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La Zaragozana is a beer company based in Zaragoza and founded in 1900 as ‘Fábrica de Cerveza, Malta y Hielo’ (Factory of Beer, Malta and Ice). Currently, the company produce a range of 13 beers, the most popular of which is the so-called Ambar Especial. This means that it is the Spanish brewer with more different type of beers in the market. Ambar also was the first brewer in Spain to develop a non-alcoholic beer, the Ambar Sin; a lemon flavored beer, the Ambar Lemon; a beer fermented at high temperature, the Ambar 1900; a wheat-based beer, the Ambar Caesaraugusta; and a stout cane sugar beer, the Ambar Negra.

La Zaragozana Group has a dominant position in the beer market of the Aragon area, where takes 50% of sales, but its Spanish quota is only 2%. The current business plan of the Group aim to double this figure to 4% in 2018 and Eficiencia is the first campaign for this expansion strategy.